Tumbling for Miles

I'm finding it hard to have nothing to say on Tumblr.

Buy “Wisdom for Dad” by Hugh Weber (and Me!)

Buy “Wisdom for Dad” by Hugh Weber (and Me!) Buy the book: http://bit.ly/dadwisdom Get a free ebook: #WisdomForDad

Wisdom for Dad, Hugh Weber’s latest parenting book, is on sale, and you should buy it today, April 15th. It features the bite-sized wisdom of Hugh and a number of other dad, including myself.

We’re trying to get this thing to number one, and to help encourage you to buy today, Hugh is giving out free eBook versions when you email him your receipt.

How to get the free eBook:

  1. Visit http://bit.ly/da…

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Tiny Perspectives on the Infinite

Tiny Perspectives on the Infinite. Thoughts on my son’s past life as a meerkat.

As if it was obvious, Ian told us, “When I was a meerkat, I lived in a cave.” Being a parent means fielding strange tales from tiny people. We were driving when Ian made his announcement, and he regaled us for several blocks.

After the cave, he lived in a cage on a farm. He lived with lots of other meerkats. The meerkats fought “all over each udder.” His name wasn’t “Ian”, it was something closer…

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